About Climate-KIC

Climate-KIC is the EU’s largest public private partnership addressing climate change through innovation to build a zero-carbon economy.

We address climate change across four priority themes: urban areas, land use, production systems, decision metrics and finance. Education is at the heart of these themes to inspire and empower the next generation of climate leaders.

We run programmes for students, start-ups and innovators across Europe via centres in major cities, convening a community of the best people and organisations.

Our approach starts with improving the way people live in cities. Our focus on industry creates the products required for a better living environment, and we look to optimise land use to produce the food people need.

Climate-KIC is supported by the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT), a body of the European Union.

Since 2015, Climate-KIC has been promoting, developing and co-organising Open Innovation events with city administrations across the Nordic region. Through these collaborations we have gained proof of concept for city-led Open Innovation, which we wish to build on further and expand its use to municipalities all over Europe.

We are always on the lookout for new cities to collaborate with and welcome all enquiries regarding our City-led Open Innovation services. For more information about our activities, please contact: Peter Vangsbo, Nordic Business Developer at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

About Open Innovation

Several definitions of Open Innovation have been proposed over the years, but all are based on a basic principle:

‘…that reaching out beyond traditional organisational boundaries and relationships to wider eco-systems helps accelerate innovation.’

Open Innovation manifests itself in different ways, with organisations forming new relationships with start-ups, consultants, academics institutions, and citizens to exploit knowledge and technology they would have otherwise struggled to access.

Cities as well as cooperates are at an earlier stage in their journey into Open Innovation. However, the need for them to adapt to a rapidly changing world, a changing climate, and pressing sustainability goals, means the imperative to innovate more quickly is greater than ever before.

Who is the OIOEP for?

The Open Innovation Online Educational Platform (OIOEP) is for students from a broad spectrum of interdisciplinary backgrounds that are interested in developing innovative solutions that address some of the world’s cities biggest challenges. The platform is also designed for decision-makers who are looking for innovative solutions for sustainability challenges in their city.

What will you take away from using the OIOEP?

The Open Innovation Online Educational Platform (OIOEP) is your opportunity to:

  • Enhance your education by learning about innovation in the ‘real world’ - the benefits and challenges and how they can be overcome.
  • Be inspired to address sustainability challenges and apply your ideas to Climate-KIC calls on the platform
  • Work in a multi-disciplinary team to source, co-develop and implement sustainability solutions in European cities
  • Network with like minded individuals and key players from industry and government from across the world!