The Open Innovation Online Educational Platform (OIOEP) enables students to source and co-develop sustainability solutions for cities.

Students can learn about how innovation takes place in the ‘real world’ and then apply this knowledge by collaborating with stakeholders to develop innovative solutions that will support cities in meeting their ambitious sustainability goals and targets.

How does it work?

The Open Innovation Online Educational Platform (OIOEP) aims to:

1. Educate :

Detailed case studies are available for students to provide a ‘real world’ example of how the ‘Open Innovation’ process works in practice.

2. Innovate :

Match-making platform enables students to apply this new knowledge by linking up with the public sector, industry, academics and citizens to develop innovative solutions that address city challenges.

This two step process enables students to understand the open innovation process and how to leverage external sources of knowledge from various stakeholders through different mechanisms as detailed in the case studies.

There is no single strategy for facilitating the open innovation process; instead this platform provides examples of different pathways that have brought together stakeholders successfully and encouraged the design and implementation of innovative solutions for cities.