1. What’s Open Innovation?

Innovation is a process whereby various stakeholders source and co-develop solutions for cities sustainability challenges - anyone can participate!

2. Why is Open Innovation it so important?

Cities can't solve all the sustainability challenges by themselves - they increasingly need students, start ups, businesses and local residents to contribute their ideas to catalyse the transition to a low carbon economy.

3. I'm a student - can I participate if I have never worked with businesses and city officials before?

Yes - we need you! The platform has been designed to enhance the student learning experience by providing case studies to demonstrate how the open innovation process can work. Once you have explored the case studies you can access the Climate-KIC CONNECT website that showcases Urban Challenges that you can actively participate in.

4. I'd really like to learn more about Open Innovation and sustainability, can I access extra training?

It's great that you want to learn more - Climate-KIC offer e-learning courses for both students and professionals. You can access the course catalogue : Click here

5. If I develop a good idea, what additional support is available from Climate-KIC to turn this into a commercial business?

Climate-KIC offer various entrepreneurship support programmes and challenges for people who wish to turn great ideas into a reality. The programmes and challenges are open to anyone with an innovative idea that could solve sustainability problems. Click here for more information.

6. I’m a city official - how do I share my idea on Climate-KIC CONNECT?

Contact the Climate-KIC CONNECT team here to register your challenge now!

7. Do I need to log in to participate in Open Innovation?

You don't need to log in to OIOEP, but you do need to log in to access Climate-KIC CONNECT, but don't worry, once you have signed up for one Climate-KIC platform via LinkedIn (e.g. E-learning, KIC CONNECT), you have signed up for them all - easy!